Providing First Class Property Management Services to Westchester and Surrounding Areas Since 1988


Lloyd J. Amster
CEO & Founder

After a successful career at one of Madison Avenue's most prestigious property management and real estate investment firms, Lloyd Amster founded Prime Locations Inc. (PLI) in 1988. In creating PLI, Lloyd took great care to focus the company on the specialized needs and requirements of managing Cooperatives, Condominiums and Home Owners Associations. By 1990, the company retained its first 110 unit Cooperative Client which PLI still manages today. Lloyd's personal work ethic is reflected in PLI's commitment to providing the highest level service, which it uses to manage more than five thousand residential units throughout Westchester County and New York City.

Lloyd can be contacted at 914.425.5050 or emailed at He will be more than happy to discuss with you, your property needs and its long term vision.

David J. Amster

"Never put off 'til tomorrow what you can do today" are Thomas Jefferson's sage words, and the principle we live by at PLI. David oversees the residential property managers and support staff at PLI. Union Labor Negotiations, Capital Improvement Projects, Budgets and Financing are among his areas of expertise. When taking on a new client's property, David not only likes to focus on systematically identifying and fixing its problems but also ways to improve its bottom line, David enjoys the challenge of deconstructing why a property may have had issues in the past so as to avoid having those same problems in the future. Always with an eye on detail and a willingness to lend a hand to support his management and backoffice teams David's biggest fulfillment comes from receiving positive feedback from PLI's clients.

Property Managers

Let us introduce the men and women on the front line each and every day, available to you 24 x 7 in the event of an emergency.

Teresa Peteli
On-Site Property Manager

Not including the principals of our firm, Teresa is our longest tenured associate. With us since 1997, she is the on-site property manager for one of Westchester County's largest Garden Apartment Cooperative Complexes. Her years of experience have transformed this particular property from being on the verge of financial ruin to one of the most financially secure addresses in lower Westchester. Waterproofing, roof replacement, structural repairs and gas conversions are just a few major capital improvement projects she has successfully managed.

Robert Lindenbaum
Property Manager

Known as a capital improvement master, Bob L. has been with PLI since 2000. He is dedicated to executing tasks at hand to address issues with the cooperatives and condominiums he manages. Overseeing and directing building staff are just two of his many strong skills. He has taken some of the most problematic properties and helped our firm turn them around into attractive investments/residences.

Robert Stasiak
Property Manager

With us since 2004, Bob manages a diverse portfolio of management accounts from Cooperatives & Condominiums to Commercial properties. His many years of property management experience both at PLI and prior is something we value and benefit from. Occasionally, when another manager is looking for additional perspective on how to approach an issue, he is the person they consult in our manager meetings. It is a privilege to have Bob on our roster of experienced property managers.

Sandra Parrillo
On-Site Property Manager

A valued PLI team member since 2005, Sandra is the on-site property manager for the largest cooperative complex in Westchester County. Sandra came to us with management experience from Morgan Stanley, and our firm has further groomed her to handle the many complex challenges of running a super-sized residential complex of over 2,400 residents. For her, no two days are alike. From young couples having recently purchased their first home, to more mature residents in need of special attention, Sandra possesses knowledge and ability to anticipate and meet the needs of all resident clients.

Lionel Cole
Property Manager

Lionel has been with us at PLI since 2008. Affectionately known around the office as "The Terminator" of problems, he finds nothing more rewarding than the chance to channel his energy into turning around a troubled property. His tenacity and diligence have not only improved the quality of living at the properties he manages, but also led to many new accounts referred to our firm.

Robert Engelsen
Property Manager

Bob E. has been with PLI since 2010. Bob started as an assistant property manager and quickly earned a promotion to property manager. Bob possesses intangible qualities that quickly win the confidence and trust of clients. His dedication and commitment to projects enhance his proactive approach to management.

Jessica Torres
Property Manager

Elizabeth Huthwaite
Property Manager


Carlos Martinez
On-Site Property Manager


Assistant Property Managers

While property managers are out in the field, knowledgeable assistants are in the office and ready to assist our clients and residents.

Virginia Torrez
Assistant Property Manager

Since joining PLI in 2006, Virginia has excelled in her position, taking on many challenges as they come. Working in our on-site office located in the largest cooperative complex in Westchester County, Virginia is the backbone of the site office where 2,400 residents reside.

Tamisha Davis
Assistant Property Manager

Tamisha has been a team member at PLI since 2006. She is the go-to person for our on-site management office located in a complex of two high-rise towers. When issues arise, Tamisha knows exactly how to proceed. In a complex of over one thousand residents, everybody knows her name.

Salina Nelson
Assistant Property Manager

DeAnn Armour
Assistant Property Manager

Krystal Berry
Assistant Property Manager

Office Team and Accounting Staff

Since 1988, through leadership and respect, we have been building, improving and fine tuning our office team.

Zacha Garcia
Office Manager

With PLI since 2006, Zacha (aka "Z"), has been the heart of the PLI office headquarters. She has been instrumental in cultivating the professional and courteous character of our office team that clients and residents have come to know. When you ask Zacha a question, you will get a straight answer. Her experience working for one of the largest financial institutions in the world, strong organizational skills and many years of experience dealing with human resources has helped her evolve into the leader of our office team.

Maria Camacho

With prior experience in the Banking Industry at Citigroup, Maria brought her accounting expertise to PLI in 2005. This rich background has helped PLI design the system of checks and balances in place that safeguards our clients' financial transactions and insurance coverage. CPA's performing our annual audits will attest to the fine work and attention to detail in PLI's finance department, and we credit Maria's involvement for this.

Jeannette Garcia
Accounts Receivable

Since 2007, Jeannette has been a source of information at PLI. Her banking background and years of experience are evident and available when you seek assistance with your account. From tracking Lockbox payments, STAR credits and direct deposits, to receiving in-office payments, you will not find a more professional experience than working with Jeannette.

Amanda Cruz-Johnson
Accounts Payable

A PLI team member since 2009, Amanda's prior experience at Citigroup combined with her impeccable organizational skills have helped her shape our accurate accounts payable and payroll department. Our clients, vendors and employees will attest to the professionalism and service they experience with her. Amanda's attention to detail makes union and workers' compensation audits simple and annual CPA audits seamless.

Evelyn Ruiz
Administrative Assistant

Jonesse Cruz
Administrative Assistant